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Nose Mask (facial mask)

1) Material: 100% spunlaced nonwoven cotton, or composited cotton with PET for another choice.

2) Feature: Nature, environmental friendly, good ...
Nonwoven composited with film facial mask sheet

1)Material: Nonwoven composited with film, or silk or pure cotton or rayon or bamboo fiber.

2)Feature: Soft and ventilate, ...
Eye Mask

1) Material: Natural cotton,

2) Material weight: 35-90GSM.

3) Feature: Nature, environmental friendly, good feeling, no skin irritation.

4) Shapes: ...
Big Dispenser, sheets of adjusted length

N. W.: 12.5 KGS
ITEM SIZES: 521x212x408 mm
Power: 220 V/ 50 Hz
Rating Power: 350 W
Output Power: 2 W
Speed: About 15 sheets/ ...
Cosmetic pads

1) Material: 100% high-quality and natural viscose.

2) Soft and tender and ventilated and biodegradable.

3) Convenient to use and economical items.

4) ...
Nonwoven Epilating Paper is made of 100% nonwoven material.

It is convenient and sanitary and high quality.

Item information available right now:
Size: 19cm x 7 cm. ...
100% natural Cotton Facial Mask sheet

1) Material: 100% spunlaced nonwoven cotton, or composited cotton with PET for another choice.

2) Feature: Nature, environmental ...
Silk Facial Mask

100% silk facial mask

1) Material: 100% silk nonwoven fabric, available from the silkworm.

2) Feature: 8 kinds of aminophenol essential for human body ...
Round Make Up Cotton Embossed

1) Material:100% cottton,

2) Feature:Natural feeling, safe, and not irritate to skin

3) Functions:Skin cleansing, make up or make-up remover ...
Eye Mask (facial mask)

1) Material: 100%rayon,

2) Weight: 60GSM,

3) Size: 5.8cm,

4) Feature: Soft and ventilate, convenient and economical,

5) 10 types of ...
Wet Towel Dispenser: (various colours available )
N. W.: 3.2 kgs
Dimension: 280*210*180 mm
Power: 12V ( family towel dispenser enclosed an adapter 100~240V / 50Hz to 12V ) ...
Wood pulp Epilating Paper is made of woodpulp and paper.

The material is originally used for medical and cleasing items which is of hygiene product of high quality.

It is ...
Square Makeup Remover Dots Embossed

1) Material: 100%cotton

2) Functions: Skin cleansing, make-up and make-up remover

3) Feature: Natural feeling, harmless and not ...
More than 20 types of facial mask sheets are available, including:
1. Colorful facial mask
2. General facial mask
3. Combination facial mask
4. Compressed facial mask
Facial mask sheet of composited nonwoven of 3 layers

1) Material: Composited nonwoven materials.

2) Feature: Transparent when being pasted on face.

3) Specification: ...
Pure Cotton ( Purcotton) Epilating Paper

1)Material: 100% natural cotton, or mixed cotton with PET.

2)Feature: Convenient and sanitary, natural and high-quality, ...
Heart Shape Embossed Round Makeup Romver(cotton pads)

1) Material: 100% cottton.

2) Functions: Skin cleansing, make up or make-up remover

3) Feature: Natural feeling, ...
Features of daily expense pure cloth
1) Mysterious superfine fiber and science three-dimensional weaves union,
2) Ultra strong clean effect and no cleanser needed, no abrasion ...
Industry wiping roll is of functional fibre such as natural cellulose fibre, wood-pulp, micro fibre etc., which are used for cleaning during the production process of precise ...
Cotton swabs are made of 100% cotton;
Can be medical used or cosmetic used,
Or both at the same time.
Good water absorbency;

Various shapes and packages for option.
Cotton Soft Tissue Roll

1) Material: Spunlaced nonwoven cotton--100% natural cotton.

2) Feature: Natural, good feeling, sterilized, and hygeian, environmental friendly and ...
Description of Norsen Wipes in poly bags

1) Material: Spunlaced nonwoven

2) Prescriptions: Unscented/anti-bacterium, unscented/anti-bacterium/ Vitamin E, ...
Min. Order: 100 Bags
Compressed Facial masks

1)Material: Natural viscose

2)Soft touching and strong water absorbancy.

3)Material for current items: 100% viscose, 40-50gsm, sizes of around ...

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