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Nowoven Bag

Material: Nonwoeven

Feature: Disposable and recyclable

Size: 43W*34H cm

Handle: 46cm*3.5cm(3.5*2layers)
Cotton Roll

1) Material: 100% Cotton.

2) Feature: Pure white, tenderness, strong water absorbency and no irritation.

3) Design: Common ones or sterile ones.
Customized ...
Microfibre wipes

Nonwoven Microfibre cleaning wipes

Made of Ultrawave microfibre with revolutionary new structure, these Microfibre cleaning wipes have exceptional ...
Different kinds of composited fabrics are available:
Nonwoven fabric composited to nonwoven fabric, nonwoven fabric composited to paper, nonwoven fabric composited to film or PE ...
Nonwoven Disposable panties

1) Material: 100% natural plant or 100%PP, 25-30 gsm.

2) Feature: Tender, soft and durable.

3) Designs: With lace or without or customized ...
Min. Order: 900 Pieces
name: non-woven bag

material: 100% non-woven, textured polypropylene with stitched seams, side and bottom

feature: eco-friendly, can be recycled and reused.

size: ...
The mask is made of nonwoven fabric, able to protect against over 98% of bacteria, virus and dust, baneful gas, applicable for sensitive skins.

It is 3 layers with many colours ...
Epilating Paper with Wax (NS-EPWW01)

Information for the items available:

1) Material: Composited nonwoven paper,

2) Size: 17.5x9 cm and 15x9 cm.

3) Package: 50 ...
Nonwoven floor wipes

Cleans and degreases leaving you with a clean and sparkling floor

Spunlaced cotton cloth: Material, material weight, and sizes can be customized. ...
1) Material of it is natural and safe, can be 100% cottton or do the customized design for the shape, material, sizes
2) Functions: Skin cleansing, disinfection, baby wipe, ...
Embossed Square Make-up Remover(cotton pads & cosmetic pads)

1) Material: 100% cottton.

2) Functions: Skin cleansing, make up or make-up remover

3) Feature: Natural ...
Nonwoven Soft Tissue Roll

1) Material: High-quality spunlaced nonwoven fabric and with coloured waves.

2) Feature: Natural, sterilized, and hygeian.

3) Specification ...
Nonwoven Soft Tissue Roll(can be made into wet wipes)

1)Material: High-quality spunlaced nonwoven fabric.

2)Feature: Natural, sterilized, and hygeian.

3)Funtions: For ...
Min. Order: 2,000
Toilet Nonwoven Wipes


Spunlaced cotton cloth: Material, material weight, and sizes can be customized.
Package for the wipes: Can be ...
Round facial puff(cotton pads)

1) Material: Natural and safe, 100% cottton

2) Functions: Skin cleansing, make up or make-up remover

3) Natural feeling, harmless and not ...
Purcotton Compressed Facial Mask Sheet

1) Material: 100% natural cotton fabric made by a patented spunlaced process.

2) Features: Strong water absorbancy, soft-feeling, ...
Compressed Towel

1)Material: 100% natural cotton, or mixed cotton with PET.

2)Features: Convenient (used at home or when traveling) and sanitary, natural and high quality. ...
Nonwoven Bed Sheets(could be in sheets or in rolls):

Material: PP

Color: White

Weight: Any available, normally 20g&25g&30g.

Size: OEM(full, king, queen, twin), ...
Non woven functional wipe(cleaning wipes)

1) Material: High quality spunlaced nonwoven fabric.

2) Functions: Wipers for oil, water and solvents, low lint, rinses clean in ...
Vavious Facial Puffs----PurCotton

Low lint;
Excellent Tensile Strength;
Soft and Comfortable;
No chemical binder;
Natural cotton feel;
More suitable for skin, no ...
----Nonwoven Compressed Disposable Panties

1)Feature: Easy for stocking, transporting.

2)Compressed shapes: Round, square...

3)Sizes for the unfolded ones: S, M, L, XL ...
----Nonwoven Disposable panties

1)Material: 100% natural plant,

2)Feature: Tender, soft and durable,

3)Designs: Customized ones, with lace or without.

4)Colors: ...
Lady Wipes

Material: Non-woven Fabric 70% viscose+30%PET, or 50%viscose+50%PET or 100%viscose or other proportion of viscose and PET.

Feature: Alcohol-Free, pH Balanced, ...
Nest Shape Embossed Round Makeup Remover

1) Material: 100% cottton

2) Functions: Skin cleansing, make up or make-up remover,

3) Feature: Natural feeling, harmless and ...
Square Make-up Remover(material: Cotton or nonwoven fabric)

1) Material: Natural and safe, can be 100%cotton

2) Functions: Skin cleansing, make-up and make-up remover

3) ...
Purcotton(short for pure cotton) is a revolutionary nonwoven fabric made with 100% natural cotton. It combines the superior characteristics of both natural cotton and materials ...
Non woven fabric--cleaning roll(cleaning wiping rolls)

1) Material: High-quality woodpulp spunlaced nonwoven fabric after advanced technical treatment.

2) Features: ...
Min. Order: 2,000 Rolls
Antibacterial nonwoven kitchen wipes

1)effective time: Protects your surface for up to 12 hours

2)spunlaced cotton cloth: Material, material weight, and sizes can be ...

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